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About Me

Hello there! 

My name is Ashley and welcome to my blog- 

This is a blog about my world travels and life living abroad, my new journey into motherhood, and my passion for everything health.

If you are interesting learning more about living life as an expat, hearing some travel tidbits, advice on pregnancy and parenthood, or gathering some ideas on all things health related- you are in the right place!

I’m an American Expat currently living in Abu Dhabi with my lovely husband and my adorable dog Porter. We made the move a little over a year ago when my husband accepted an amazing job opportunity. Both born and raised in the same small town, it was our life's goal to get out and travel the world.

There will be a new little man in my life expected to make his depute August 2017. I am thrilled to embark (and share with you) this new adventure into motherhood and talk about my pregnancy experience.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Science in Health Education and Promotion and working on a Digital Marketing Certificate. At this current moment (due to our relocation to the UAE) I'm a house wife sharing my wisdom with you, while seeking out employment options.

I love to travel and explore and believe life is meant to be an adventure. We live our lives by this. My husband and I have made it a goal to explore a new country every year since we've been together- it's been a thrilling 6 years.

I'm passionate about all things health, especially nutrition and fitness. I've spent most of my adult life learning and living with my health in mind. I enjoy sharing my wisdom and success in this aspect with others and I hope I can share this with you too.

Popular posts from this blog

Athens: The Perfect BABYmoon Destination

I love to travel and I enjoy having an excuse to do so. You’re entitled to a honeymoon for marrying the love of your life. Why not have a BABY-moon in celebration of creating a family? I don’t see a good reason not to enjoy one-- if you have the means to do so. A big plus-- you have the opportunity to enjoy a little getaway with your significant other one last time before it’s not just you two anymore.
Honestly, what is better than a Baby-moon to somewhere with amazing food, incredible sites, lovely people, and all-the-while keeping up the physical activity your doctor ordered.
I have always been in love with the idea of visiting Greece. Something about the pictures, the mythology, history, even Greek food have always drawn me to it and since I’ve had the desire to travel-- it’s always been one of my top bucket list destinations.
Back in March while mindlessly messing around with something in the kitchen, my husband asked “want to go to Greece this weekend?” I stopped in my tracks …

Surviving your Summer Pregnancy and those Last Few Weeks

7 Ways I Survived my Summer Pregnancy in the Desert and the Uncomfortable Last Month I anxiously await the arrival of my son (any day now) in the August heat of Abu Dhabi-- one of the hottest places on earth. As I am finishing out my last few days of pregnancy, I share with you how I survived the summer and those uncomfortable last few weeks.

1.) Daily Trip to the Pool One of the best pieces of pregnancy advice I received-- go enjoy the pool, it will take the weight off. For me, this proved to be true. Submerging myself in water was the only place I didn’t feel pregnant and the best part- our pool is chilled in the warmest months. I wasn’t fully in tune with how tough the extra weight and pressure was on my body until I had a method of taking it away. The 9th month is the most grueling and the pool never failed me.

It’s a running joke between my husband and me-- I’ve pretty much lived my entire pregnancy in the pool. I’ve guilt him into going with me so many times, he’s complained

Pregnancy and the Loss of your Identity

When first learning I was pregnant, I had all sorts of expectations of what would happen to me physically and emotionally. Most of these expectations I gathered from friend’s or family’s’ pregnancies, and tidbits I’ve learned in school or picked up in the day to day. I knew I would gain weight, I knew there were restrictions on what I could eat or drink, and I knew cravings and a heightened sense of smell were involved in the whole baby making process, as well as many other wonderful and equally annoying grievances that come with the territory.
The one fact I did not know, never thought of, and was never told by anyone was the loss of your identity once you become pregnant- or at least when others find out. It took me by complete surprise and I would identify as my biggest struggle throughout my own pregnancy.

Once the word was out I was forever known as a baby vessel and that was about all I was good for, or at least that’s what it felt like. I knew my self-worth didn’t change, but …